Axis Debit Card Benefits (Power Salute), Features

Axis Bank Power Salute Debit Card Features.
Axis Bank Power Salute Debit Card Features.

Introduction: Hello friends, toaday, let us discuss the Axis bank power salute debit card benefits, and features. Axis Bank is one of the banks which has grown tremendously in a short period of time. This is now a master which is coming up with financial products and services which are both user-friendly and lucrative. This has a large array of debit cards which are customized to meet the diverse needs of its customers and excellent reviews from users to get the same. Power Salute debit card of Axis Bank will belong to the category of Segmented Debit cards. This debit card is mainly designed for the people who work in the defence sector and it makes sure that it is catering to their needs.

A guide to Axis bank power salute debit card benefits, features

Axis bank is the one which comprehends the need of the tech-savvies of modern days and their quick net banking culture. Quick cash disbursal, quick reports, Quick messaging are the three things around which this debit card has been introduced. Adding to this, you will also be able to receive a large range of features and benefits of cashback which you will not be able to resist. Please continue reading to know about the several aspects of this debit card to see if this would be the right option for you.

This Axis Bank Power Salute debit card has many features which are profitable to the cardholders and also excellent benefits as listed below. There is no doubt that this debit card makes your life easy for defence personnel and their respective families.

Axis Bank Power Salute Debit Card Benefits.
Axis Bank Power Salute Debit Card Benefits.
  • This debit card comes with a limit on cash withdrawal of Rs.40,000/- and the limit on shopping is set at Rs.1 lakh to suit your financial needs.
  • If any accident or a mishap takes place leading to the demise of the cardholder, their loved family members are entitled to use the benefit of Personal Accident Insurance cover worth an amount of Rs.10 lakhs. This insurance cover will be worth an amount of Rs.25 lakhs to the beneficiaries if the loss occurred because of an air accident.
  • My design is a unique facility which comes to your debit card. As a well-regarded Axis bank member, you can flaunt your style on your debit card by getting any image of your choice printed on your debit card. You can either choose one from the gallery of the bank or you can also provide a picture on your own.
  • The feature of Zero Lost Card Liability of this debit card will offer protection to the debit card user against any possible scam or misuse if your card is stolen or lost. You will be required to report the incident as soon as possible to the Axis Bank Customer Service.
  • You will also receive Purchase Protection which will protect the consumer durable items which are purchased using this debit card against any loss or harm caused due to fire, natural calamities, break-ins, robberies etc. This will be valid for three months starting from the purchase date. Cardholders will also be able eligible for joint loss card accountability and purchase insurance cover of up to an amount Rs.50,000/-.
  • You will have access to the customer service of Axis Bank 24/7 who will help you with all your concerns and queries.
  • You can generate your own debit card PIN by visiting the closest branch of Axis Bank or getting in touch with the executives of the bank. This will make sure that there improved convenience and security.
  • This debit card can also be used to make cash transactions through mobile and internet.
  • Add-on debit card provided for a joint account of the principal account holder will bot be charged with any joining fees or annual fees.
  • Under the dining delights program, you will be able to use a 15% rebate at almost 4,000 restaurants.
  • You will be able to withdraw funds any number of times as you wish from any of the ATMs as long as you are not exceeding a certain limit on a daily basis.

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Eligibility required for the application of Axis Bank Power Salute Debit card

As mentioned earlier, Axis Bank Power Salute debit cards will be accessible to only a few selected people. You will be able to get this debit card if you belong to the defence segment and are holding a defence salary account with the same bank.

Fees and charges on Axis Bank Power Salute debit card

  • No fees are charged for card issue or joining.
  • There is no annual fee charged on this debit card.
  • Cost for replacement of card in case of theft or loss is an amount of Rs.100/-.
  • Withdrawal limit set for ATM cash is an amount of Rs.40,000/-.
  • Shopping limit for a day is an amount of Rs. 1 lakh.
  • An amount of Rs.50,000/- is charged for lost card accountability.
  • An insurance cover which is worth an amount of Rs.2 lakhs will be provided on Personal accident.
  • No access will be provided to premium airport lounges.
  • Payback or partial refund offered on purchases made on fuel is 2.5% of the transaction amount.
  • Cost to use the services of MyDesign is an amount of Rs.150/-.


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