HSBC MakeMyTrip Credit Card Benefits, Features

HSBC MakeMyTrip Credit Card Benefits.
HSBC MakeMyTrip Credit Card Benefits.

Introduction: HSBC Bank and MakeMyTrip have together launched a co-branded credit card called HSBC MMT Platinum credit card. This credit card can be availed by the customers for receiving lifestyle benefits along with travel, shopping and many more privileges. The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India will issue this credit card which will provide excellent benefits and privileges mainly when you are using services provided by MakeMyTrip, one of the leading online companies in India. The usage of this card is limited to India and to use it internationally, a special request has to be raised when you are applying for this credit card.

A guide to HSBC MakeMyTrip platinum credit benefits, features

  • At international hotels, if you enter the coupon code of HSBCINT, a discount of flat 25% will be provided which would be a maximum of 20,000/-. This discount will be valid on all the international hotel bookings.
  • For domestic flight bookings, either it is one-way or round trip, an instant discount of Rs.1,000/- will be provided if the minimum amount of transaction is Rs.8,000/-. You will have to enter the coupon code HSBCDOM at the time of purchase. This offer will be valid on the bookings which are made on any of the Sundays between 1st October 2019 to 31st December 2019.
  • HSBC MakeMyTrip Credit Card Features.
    HSBC MakeMyTrip Credit Card Features.

Worldwide acceptance 

HSBC MMT Platinum Credit card will be accepted worldwide in more than 18 million stores out of which 100,000 merchant stores are in India which accept this credit card.

Rewards program

  • For each amount of Rs.100/- spent at the official website of MakeMytrip, HSBC MMT Credit card offers you 5 points.
  • For each amount of Rs.100/- spent at the stores other than MakeMyTrip, you will receive 1.5 reward points.

You can consider redeeming your reward points through Phone banking service offered by HSBC Bank or even by visiting the official website of the bank. The rewards catalogue will consist of attractive gifts which fall under the category of airline miles, equipment, gift vouchers, fashion accessories, cosmetics, apparels, jewellery and many more.

Fuel surcharge waived off

When you are purchasing fuel between the amounts of Rs.400/- to Rs.4,000/- using your credit card, you will be able to get a waiver of 2.5% of the fuel transaction which would be subjected to a maximum of Rs.250/- at all the petrol stations present in India. On all the transactions which are below the amount of Rs.400/-, a nominal fee of an amount of Rs.100/- will be charged. If the amount of fuel transaction is above Rs.4,000/-, then the customers will have to pay a surcharge of 2.5%.

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Privileges on dining

You will be able to enjoy exclusive privileges on dining using your HSBC MMT Platinum Credit card and you will get a discount of up to 20% in all the major cities of India.

Lost card liability

If you report the loss or theft of your credit card, the bank will take care and cover you for all the losses which are incurred 24 hours before you have reported and 7 days after the report has been made to the bank. You will not be considered liable for any fraudulent or unauthorized transactions. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited has undertaken an insurance coverage which is worth an amount of Rs.3 lakh on this HSBC MMT Platinum Credit card.

Free Credit period

The cardholders will be able to get a maximum of 52 days of the interest-free credit period if they have made the payment of the outstanding balance of the previous month within the due date.

The facility of Loan on Phone

This feature will be available on this credit card and this will allow you to purchase any item of your wish and then consider converting the payments into EMIs by making use of Phone banking facility of HSBC Bank. By giving a call to HSBC Phone banking and then placing a request for conversion into instalments, your purchase can be converted into a loan. This has to be done within 15 days starting from the date of purchase. Rate of Interest applicable to the EMI can be between 15% per year to 2% per year.

Perpetual Balance Transfer

Dues on the outstanding balance of other bank credit card can be transferred to your MMT Platinum Credit card if the outstanding statement balance is not less than the amount of Rs.3,000/-. A rate of interest of 1% to 1.2% is charged on the balance which has been transferred, per month. 5% of the total outstanding balance amount should be paid as minimum payment to this perpetual balance transfer which would be subjected to a minimum amount of Rs.100/-.

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Balance transfer on EMI

This feature will be available on this MMT Platinum Credit card for providing you with an opportunity to transfer outstanding funds from credit cards of other banks to your HSBC Credit card. The repayment of this amount can be done easily through monthly instalments at an attractive interest rate. This repayment can be made in the tenure options like 6,12,18 and 24 months. Rate of interest for the tenure of 6 and 12 months is 12.5% per month and for 18 to 24 months is 1.50% per month.

A processing fee of 1.5% of the amount of balance transfer which has been converted to instalments will be levied on this transaction.

The facility of Cash on EMI

This facility can be availed by you for getting a cash advance on your credit card. You can pay back this cash advance in EMIs.

Balance conversion

This HSBC Credit card offers its cardholders an ability to convert their outstanding statement balance amount in a month into EMIs. The processing fee which is applicable to this transaction will be 2% and the rate of interest applicable will be 15% per year. 

Instant EMI

You can also consider converting the spends or purchases made using this credit card to EMI. The tenure options for repayment on this credit card are 3,6,9 or 12 months as selected by you. You will also be able to receive reward points on this transaction which can be again used to redeem rewards.

The facility of Extended Credit

You can also consider using the facility of extended credit on all purchases made in a month. But you will have to make sure that you are paying the minimum amount due. The balance amount will be carried forward to the coming month and the total balance can be repaid later. This will provide you with more flexibility in terms of the availability of credit and repayment.

Access at International ATM

You will be able to withdraw cash at most of the ATMs located globally by making use of this HSBC MMT Platinum Credit card.

Other features of HSBC MakeMyTrip credit card

The facility of Phone banking, Net banking and Mobile banking can be enabled on this credit card.

HSBC MakeMyTrip credit card fees and charges

  • There is no joining fee charged on this MMT Credit card.
  • An annual fee of Rs.499/- will be charged.
  • No fee will be charged on an add-on card.
  • A maximum of 52 days will be offered as an Interest-free credit period.
  • Finance charges would be 3.3% per month.
  • Charges for requesting a duplicate statement is Rs.100/- per statement.
  • Fee for cash advance transaction is 2.5% of the amount of cash advance which would be subjected to a minimum amount of Rs.300/-.
  • Charges for cheque bounce would be an amount of Rs.350/- per instance.
  • Fee for charge slip retrieval is an amount of Rs.225/-.
  • Charges for the conversion of foreign currency is 3.5%.


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