ICICI International Debit Card – How to Use It

How to Use ICICI International Debit Card.
How to Use ICICI International Debit Card.

Introduction: Hello debit card holders, we are here with a information of using ICICI International Debit Card when you are abroad. Customers can consider using their ICICI Bank Debit card whenever they are making purchases or transactions abroad. For making transactions internationally, you will have to make sure that the merchant terminals or stores accept the MasterCard or Visa card. You can also use these debit cards for withdrawing cash from ATMs internationally. It is always suggested to keep the bank informed about your dates of travel well in advance.

How to use ICICI International Debit card when you are abroad

use ICICI International Debit Card Benefits, Charges.
use ICICI International Debit Card Benefits, Charges.

By making use of these ICICI Bank Debit cards, you will not be required to worry about the conversion of your money into foreign currencies because whenever you are making a transaction or a withdrawal, your money is debited from your account in Indian Currency. Adding to this benefit, cardholders of ICICI Bank debit card will be able to make cash withdrawals, transactions at merchant stores and can also consider doing online shopping when they are abroad. All you will be required to do is just give a call to the ICICI International debit card customer care before you use the debit card in foreign countries.

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How to use ICICI Bank Debit card for making transactions abroad

The process of making transactions at merchant stores using your ICICI debit card abroad is the same as it is in India, but the beginners who have just started using this debit card abroad can check the below steps

  • When you are shopping, you will have to make sure that you are visiting the merchant stores which are accepting MasterCard debit cards or VISA debit cards only for making transactions.
  • Once the billing of your products is done, you will be required to swipe your debit card for making the payment.
  • After that, you can enter the PIN of your ICICI debit card.
  • In a few of the countries, the PIN is not required for non-chip cards.
  • Once your transaction is completed, you will be required to sign the charge slip and maintain it safe.

Steps to withdraw cash from ICICI Bank Debit card abroad

  • In the first place, you will be able to withdraw cash abroad at all the ATMs which are accepting VISA or MasterCard debit card when you are abroad.
  • Your international debit card has to be inserted into the ATM and then, you will be required to choose the language of your choice.
  • Then you will have to provide the PIN and the amount you are trying to withdraw.
  • The charge slip has to be collected once the dispense of cash is done.
  • Make sure that you are not disposing of the charge slip as it might be required for your future reference.

Benefits of using your ICICI International Debit card abroad

  • You can consider using your ICICI Bank debit card for booking travel tickets overseas, for making hotel reservations, and for dining at restaurants of your wish . ICICI International debit card offers great discounts and benefits on these.
  • For improving your security when you are making cash withdrawals, purchases or transactions abroad, these ICICI Bank international debit cards will consist of an EMV chip which will decrease the risk caused by duplication.
  • For each amount of Rs.200/- which is spent using these debit cards abroad, you will be able to receive 10 times more PAYBACK reward points. You can consider redeeming these reward points against purchases of movie tickets, travel booking, delivering gifts to your loved ones etc.

Fees and charges for using ICICI International debit cards abroad

  • A mark-up fee charged on these debit cards will be 3.5% of the amount of transaction plus GST.
  • If you are enquiring your balance when you are abroad, you will be charged with an amount of Rs.25/- plus GST.
  • Fee for withdrawal of cash from ATM when you are abroad is an amount of Rs.125/- plus GST.


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