IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Benefits, Features

IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Benefits.
IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Benefits.

Introduction: IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit card is the best platter for your life. This credit card can be simply explained in this way. You will be able to enjoy the affluent life you always love to have by having this credit card as this provides yours with excellent privileges on travel, lifestyle and golf. This credit card comes with welcome gifts and reward programs which are made to suit the lifestyle of the cardholders.

IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit card benefits

  • This credit card will provide you with wonderful privileges on dining through Bon Vivant Program throughout all the cities present in India. Customers using this credit card will be able to get exciting discounts on the bills of dining at selected restaurants.
  • You will be able to enjoy a life without any stress with excellent packages at several wellness centres and spas along with the good amount of discounts and beauty treatments.
  • You will be able to receive access to selected MasterCard international and domestic airport lounges as a complimentary whenever you are travelling. The cardholder will be able to get access to Premium airport lounges throughout India with up to 2 accesses as a complimentary in one quarter.
  • You will also be able to receive flight and hotel packages from ClearTrip with cashback offers up to an amount of Rs.2,000/- for international bookings and up to an amount of Rs.1,000/- for domestic bookings made using your mobiles.
IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Features.
IndusInd Pinnacle Credit Card Features.

IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit card features

As part of the segment of Super Premium cad, this Pinnacle Credit card will be provided to the higher section of the society with excellent privileges on lifestyle.

Welcome offers

Customers of IndusInd Bank will be able to select from any of the three welcome offers provided under the package of “Pinnacle Welcome”.

Welcome offer provided by Oberoi Hotels

You can choose for a holiday experience at any of the luxurious properties which belong to Oberoi Group of Hotels as a welcome offer.

Luxury Vouchers from Genesis

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This is a brand which is committed to excellence and fine craftsmanship since the year 1906. You will be able to select from an exquisite collection of writing instruments, watches, jewellery, eyewear and leather goods. The stores of MontBlanc are now located in six cities and they have 12 stores across India.

Rewards offered by Pinnacle card

You will be able to receive exciting reward points with each purchase made using this Pinnacle Credit card. If you make any online or e-commerce transactions using this credit card, you will be able to receive 2.5 reward points for each amount of Rs.100 which you spend using this card and for all the Point of Sale terminal transactions will provide you with 1 reward point for each amount of Rs.100/- which you are spending.

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The bank will provide you with two redemption points for the reward points which you have earned at Point of Sale terminals and as cash credits. MoTo transactions and transactions made using IVR will come under the category of transactions made using PoS. You can consider redeeming a maximum of 25,000 reward points as credits by making use of this Pinnacle Credit card. The reward points which you have earned can be redeemed against Luxury vouchers provided by Genesis, AirLine miles on certain partnered networks, cash credits, vouchers of Oberoi hotels, TheMore Store and Avios reward currency.

Pinnacle Art Advisory

Contemporary art lovers and art connoisseurs will be able to get consulting services which are professional from the bank and will also be able to access art fairs, openings of Museum, VIP events and Biennales happening across the world.

Pinnacle Golf 

This credit card will allow you to get access to the best golf courses across the globe as Green Fees players. You will be able to play under golf instructors who are qualified and will be able to enjoy coaching and golf lessons for free. You will also get a waiver on Green fees and golf-on-one insurance which is worth an amount of Rs.2,000/- as a complimentary.

Pinnacle Life

IndusInd Bank in association with BookMyShow will provide exciting deals on movie tickets which are booked using an IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit card. You will be able to receive offers of 1-on-1 movie tickets and up to three discounts on movie ticket purchases. These offers and discounts will be valid at all the theatres in all the big cities of India and the price of the free ticket will be capped at an amount of Rs.200/-.

Pinnacle Travel

People who travel widely will be able to enjoy several offers on travel and will be able to receive access to almost 600 airport lounges across the world with priority passes provided as a complimentary. IndusInd Bank will also provide you with free lounge visits to international airport lounges. You will also receive Priority pass memberships with annual benefits which are worth an amount of Rs.9,900/-.

The Travel Plus Program will provide you with assistance when you are travelling and you can also enjoy waivers on charges for usage of the lounge when you are outside of India. IndusInd bank will also provide travel insurance to cardholders in association with ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd and will provide covers against lost baggage, delays in receiving baggage, passport loss and missed flights and ticket loss.

Assistance provided by Pinnacle

The Program of Direct Connect offered by IndusInd Bank will provide assistance on travel to the credit cardholders with a 24×7 customer service assistance and priority care services.

Pinnacle Concierge

IndusInd Bank will provide 24×7 concierge service to all the premium customers with a lot of complimentary services and excellent privileges. The service of Pinnacle Concierge from the bank will provide assistance for pre-trip planning, bookings of flight tickets, reservations at hotels, arranging gifts and flowers, bookings on entertainment, sports bookings and reservations for events.

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Auto Assist

IndusInd Bank will make sure that every journey which you make will be free of stress and uneventful with excellent services given by the Auto Assist program of IndusInd Bank. This Pinnacle Credit card customers will be able to use 24×7 customer support to get assistance when they are travelling at the time of emergency fuel surcharge, assistance to roadside repair, key replacement, replacement of flat tyre, battery service, management of accident, medical assistance and assistance on emergency towing.

Pinnacle Freedom

The customers using Pinnacle Credit card will be able to enjoy waivers on the fuel surcharge for 2.5% at any of the petrol stations present across the country. If you use to fuel up to an amount of Rs.8,000/- per month, then you will be able to get annual savings of an amount of Rs.2,400/-.

The assurance offered by Pinnacle

The insurance plan offered by Pinnacle called “Total Protect” will safeguard the credit card against any sort of fraudulent transactions and unauthorized usage. This plan will provide cover for a particular sum up to the credit limit of the credit card along with a Personal Air Accident Insurance cover up to an amount of Rs.25 lakh as a complimentary. Total Protect will make sure that there is a security against all types of fraudulent transactions which occur due to loss of card or theft for a time period up to 48 hours before you report the loss of card. Protection of insurance is also provided against the counterfeit incidents of fraud for the customers of IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit card.

IndusInd Bank Pinnacle Credit card Fees and charges

  • An amount of Rs.1,00,000/- will be charged as a joining fee.
  • IndusInd Pinnacle Credit card Annual fee is Nil.
  • No fee for add-on cards provided to the customers.
  • Rate of interest on the outstanding balance amount is 3.83% per month.
  • Charges for late payment range between Rs.350/- to Rs.550/- based on the amount of outstanding statement balance.
  • Charges for the cash advance is 2.5% of the amount of advance which would be subjected to a minimum of Rs.250/-.
  • Charges for over-limit is 2.5% of the amount of over-limit which would be subjected to a minimum amount of Rs.300/-.


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