Kotak PVR Gold Card Benefits, Features, Fees

Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card Benefits.
Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card Benefits.

Introduction: Hello friends, here is the information on Kotak PVR Gold Card benefits and features. The Kotak Bank PVR Golf Credit card is the one which has a lot of benefits and has been introduced for all the movie lovers present in the country. This credit card comes with no joining fee and an amount of Rs.999/- will be charged as an annual fee. This credit card also comes with a rate of interest of 40.8% per year.

A guide to Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card benefits and features

  • This credit card will be suitable for all movie buffs who go to multiplexes frequently for enjoying the movies.
  • This credit card has no joining fees.
  • Once you apply for the card, you will be able to receive one PVR voucher code on its first swipe.
Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card Features.
Kotak Bank PVR Gold Credit Card Features.

Kotak PVR Gold Credit card Movie benefits

  • You will be able to receive one complimentary PVR movie ticket if the complete value of your transactions made using a credit card is worth an amount of Rs.10,000/- or above in a month.
  • If you are spending more than the amount of Rs.15,000/- in a month, you will be able to receive two complimentary PVR movie tickets.

Benefit on first swipe

As a welcome gift for the first swipe made using the credit card, you will be able to receive a voucher code from PVR cinemas within 60 days of the first swipe.

Safety of card

If the credit card is stolen or misplaced, you will be able to get an insurance cover through PVR shield of up to an amount of Rs.50,000/- per year.

Add-on cards which have the same features of primary cards

You can consider selecting an add-on card and set the limit for spending accordingly. The add-on card will also be considered within the insurance cover of PVR shield.

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Accessing PVR coupons earned with the Kotak PVR Gold Credit card

  • If you are considered to be eligible for a coupon from PVR, you will get a text notification and an email to your registered phone number and email address respectively.
  • This notification will be sent after making transaction by making use of this credit card for the requisite amount.
  • These coupon codes will be valid for the next two billing cycles.
  • You can consider claiming the code by sending a text message to 5676788, by typing PVRKCC and the first three letters of the specific month.
  • You can also receive the coupon code by using the feature of net banking of Kotak Mahindra Bank. After entering all your login credentials, click on “Credit card” option and select the tab “PVR Coupon claim”.
  • If you are not having a savings account in the Kotak bank, you can login by selecting “Forgot password” option.

Using Kotak PVR Coupon for availing free movie tickets

  • Visit the PVR Cinemas official website and get a movie and select for seating by excluding Europa and Gold.
  • When you are redirected to the payments page, select the option “MCOUPON”.
  • After that, insert the last 4 digits of the credit card and the last 5 digits of the registered phone number.
  • Choose the “Make Payment” option after you enter the coupon code.
  • The maximum amount of discount that will be provided to you per coupon code per ticket is at an amount of Rs.400/-.

Kotak PVR Gold credit card fees and charges

  • There will be no fee charged as joining fee.
  • An amount of Rs.499/- will be charged as an annual fee.
  • Interest on remaining dues on the credit card is 3.50%.
  • Cash advance per an amount of Rs.10,000/- will be an amount of Rs.300/-.
  • Fees charges on the add-on card is an amount of Rs.299/- per card.
  • Minimum amount due is 5% or 10% of the total amount due.
  • Fees charged on transaction related to card or transfer of funds for each amount of Rs.10,000/- is an amount of Rs.300/-.
  • Charges on payments which are made after the due date are between the amounts of Rs.100/- to Rs.500/- and Rs.700/- will be charged as late payment if the outstanding balance amount is more than Rs.10,000/-.
  • Charges for over-limit is an amount of Rs.500/-.
  • Charges for cheque bounce is an amount of Rs.500/-.
  • Charges related to cash payments made at the bank is an amount of Rs.100/-.
  • Mark-up charges for foreign currency are 3.5%.
  • Charges for providing a CIBIL report is an amount of Rs.50/-.
  • Charges for card re-issuance is Rs.100/-.

Eligibility criteria required for the application of Kotak PVR Gold Credit card

  • You will be required to have a high credit score and a constant and decent income source to be eligible for the application of this credit card.
  • You will be informed about this at the time of application of the credit card.

Required documentation for the application of Kotak PVR Gold Credit card

  • The required list of documents will include KYC-PAN, proof of income, photograph, proof of address, savings bank documents etc.
  • If there are any other documents which are required by the bank, you will be informed about the same at the time of application for the credit card.
  • For more information visit any nearest Kotak Bank branch.


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